Learning Connections

Taking up the invitation put forth by Terry Shaneyfelt, in his blog COPs, PLN, and Connectivism: A Creative Expression, I was inspired to play around with the concept as a way of better explaining my thoughts on education. I did have to play around with my software as well, given I recently evolved to Linux; learning is fun, I love it! So, here goes:


In applying connectivism to our school setting in Amún Shéa, we need to add the influence of traditional institutions. This includes the Ministry of Education, the community as a whole, church and other institutions which hold sway over the domain. While by no means tagging tradition with negative influence, it may be held that these institutions generally tend to move along towards change at a fairly slow pace.

What does become clear is the role digital tools play in the creation of Communities of Practice that transcend physical location and allow the grouping of people around the world based on passions and interest.

The challenge perhaps resides in converting the TRADs into COPs, as well.


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