The Great Sexual Orientation Dissonance


by Ron Brenneman

Fully aware of the quagmire this discussion will lead to, I nevertheless launch myself headlong into the great sexual orientation debate. I do so, not because I have the solution or even a solution, but because I have an opinion and am availing myself of my inherent right to express it. Political correctness is disingenuous if it does not include space for sincere expression of opinion.

I must clarify, given my responsibilities in several organizations, that the opinion I express is my very own and by no means represents posture, position or stance by any institution I have had involvement with in the past, currently participate in or may form part of in the future. This is just me.

The specific issue of sexual orientation holds absolutely no interest for me; I just don´t care. I also do not care about your food preferences, your social background, your religion, your economic status or your academic titles. I hope this is clear. I just do not care and have very little interest in putting energy into these issues. To me, these issues are important only as components of personal identity. If you are comfortable with whom you are, great: if not, fix it. At the same time, my personal preferences, opinions and beliefs form part of my identity and unless I weld them in such a fashion as to harm another person in any manner, they shouldn´t be a great matter of concern to anyone else. A friendly debate on these issues may help to clarify one´s thinking as identity is built, but to grind a subject into the ground trying to homogenize everyone´s view into some kind of politically correctness is a pointless disruption.

The challenge here is to rise above the fray and take a good objective look around. There seems to be an effort in keeping us focused below the beltline, as it were. All aspects of personal identity are lodged in our lower self; in our lower chakras. While we are focused on our bellybuttons, an Armageddon-like scene is reality for communities of people throughout the world. Personal liberties have been severely curtailed even in “democratic” societies, a hostile takeover of governments seems to be underway and we passively accept being labeled “consumers” when truthfully the consumers are those who manage to “reap without sowing” and “producers” are consider unworthy of mention let alone credit for what they do.

Humanity is currently facing a major civilizational transition. Regardless of your view on evolution and creation, we are in the midst of events which will drastically modify the social and political structures currently known as religion, government, law and economy. This has begun; it is not some far removed possibility.

Our role is to be fully involved. This earth, the heavens and the coming age are our inheritance; yet we have been conned into misdirecting our precious energy into superficial, petty, struggles. It is high time to pull the focus up just a bit and to start dealing with reality. I would frankly ask my friends and colleagues who have come out, or are about to come out, “Why are you here? Is life about your bellybutton, or is it larger? Are you here just to make sure we understand who you are, or are you participating in the evolution of life?” Where in all the annals of history does a human create a difference on the basis of their sexual orientation? It´s immaterial; it doesn´t matter. Could we please start dealing with the continuation of life?

It is no accident that the recent focus of humanity has been from the waist down. Why is that? Fear of the power we hold in our hearts and in our heads? I propose, and hope with all my heart, and know as a fact (which is no contradiction), that the current generation of humanity has the capacity in their hearts and in their minds to recreate the world as it should be, to raise our sights beyond the beltline.

We hold the reins. What we focus upon becomes important. So, where is our focus?

Life protects itself in the end, even against us. And after all, each age of humanity reaches its deserved end…


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