It’s an ornery word! Comes complete with various negative conations. With sun, it can burn and turn your skin red. With a photograph, it will bleach and take out color. With a rock star it can reduce popularity. I worry what it might do to a foundation seeking funding. Or to put it bluntly, am I overexposed!

On the other hand, overexposure can be beneficial. I have a friend who told the story of a car dealership in southeastern Pennsylvania who found overexposure to be a good thing. As the story goes, a Ford dealership in a small town was trying to get their name out to a wider customer base. Some advertising genius somewhere came up with an ad that had as their tag line, “I got a hunnert dollar better deal at Keller Ford!”. Not hundred dollar, it was carefully pronounced “hunnert” by the pseudo customers in the various ads. Apparently it was a pretty obnoxious ad and it played on radio and television several times a day, for many days in a row. After a short break, the whole campaign was repeated. This went on for a couple of years. It seemed like everyone within a hundred miles of the dealership was repeating the mantra of “I got a hunnert dollar better deal”, and then complaining about it. But everybody knew it! Overexposure! The friend, who was acquainted with a son of the owner, was told by the son that he and the rest of the family would apologize to anyone about the ad, but continued to use it. It was used because it was very effective and everyone knew about Keller Ford because of that ad! So for them overexposure worked.

Hopefully Amun Shea will not suffer from overexposure. I have been told a couple of times, not many, to hold back on our fundraising efforts. Unfortunately we are so close to our goal that I don’t think I can do that. Of the several million people who might be interested in our school, we are aware of only a few hundred that have been reached. Can’t call that overexposure. So help us attain the beginnings of overexposure. Tell all your friends about us. Call them. Email them. Facebook them. Perhaps even talk to them.

We can’t promise a “Hunnert dollar better deal”, but with your help we can promise a “Hundred student better education”!



One thought on “OVEREXPOSURE!

  1. Don

    Great story, Ron. A little overexposure, now and then, can be a good thing! We can always hope that Amun Shea becomes overexposed enough to become a household name!


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