Learning sans Barriers

EntrepreeursOur belief is that it is high time we level the playing field for young people no matter where they happen to live and that information technology is one of the primary tools to make that happen.

Our project is Amun Shea, Center for Integrated Development, in El Salvador, a Problem-Based Learning program with the objective of doing away with the barriers that entrap and perpetuate traditional cycles of poverty.

Our students have tossed the textbooks aside to work with real-world issues, learn “basic subjects” as only as tools for problem-solving and are overcoming “being poor.” Connecting ideas and sharing solutions with peers around the globe is breaking the ever-repeating dynamic of marginalization and isolation.

Amún Shéa is about Positive Attitude, Capacity Building and the Creation of Opportunity. Join with us in changing the world.


One thought on “Learning sans Barriers

  1. William Hoos

    Ron, what would it cost to sponsor one student at Amun Shae for one year? Perhaps you’ve done this kind of solicitation, that is, a donation for a specific cause, like sponsoring a maintenance function or building project. I don’t think you’re overexposed, but you do need to be more specific in asking for donations. See you soon, Bill Hoos


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